The Musical Summit

Hosts Tyra Emerson & Alicia Reygn

                 Alicia Reygn

As an artist, Alicia Reygn is a singer songwriter that crosses all boundaries of music. She’s prides herself in being a versatile artist and producer. She has worked with many top veteran producers and artist as a singer and songwriter. As an artist, she’s traveled the world singing various types of music. From Hip Hop with KRS One to Doo Wop with the Platers and a lot in between she feels it all. As well as performing she is also a playwright and TV producer of a children’s show called “Meet Me At The Wave” that is a reoccurring weekly series on television on BRIC TV in Brooklyn. She is the owner of Sound Through Music, a children’s educational entertainment company. In the words of the producer Patrick Adams, Reygn is an old soul that seems to have experienced it all. Her versatility is what makes her different and her talent is what identifies her as artist. for more information

Singer, songwriting, vocal coaching, vocal arranging, performance training, video editing, social media 

                  Tyra Emerson

   Tyra Emerson is the Executive director at Cultural Collaborative Jamaica. Her goals with CCJ is for it not only to support and service a formalized cluster of artists and major arts organizations in the Jamaica area, but to leverage the benefits of cross-fertilization efforts between arts organizations and other factions in the community. Today’s community development initiatives seek out and require collaborations across jurisdictional and genre boundaries – neighborhood, business, civic, governmental and cultural organizations, with different areas of knowledge and experience who must be actively involved in bringing major community transformations to fruition. 


As the overseer of one of the biggest events in NY, Jamaica Jams Festival takes place on Jamaica Ave from 155 st. to 172 st. in August she's had the privilege  to work with many different artist and organizations.   She is known for the care that she gives to the community and the over 20 years of building and assisting all to come together and make things happen. 

Sound Through Music Inc

Sound Through Music Inc. is a non-profit who's goal is to teach Science with the aide of music, Musical Theatre and Comedy. Recently we have started a online Club for kids called Club Wave Party Live. This Club is a way for kids to come together safely and meet kids from different areas and walks of life. There are giveaways, special guest, and games.

Cultural Collaborative Jamaica

As an important facet of community development goals in Jamaica NY, CCJ’s efforts focus on bringing greater exposure to the arts and cultural sector, thereby creating more focal points for the core of Jamaica’s downtown redevelopment. The formation of Cultural Collaborative Jamaica (CCJ) acknowledged the importance of establishing an arts, business and educational alliance for Jamaica, Queens, one of New York City’s fastest growing communities. It recognized that the business community, arts and education are natural allies that all provide services to the community and depend on community involvement and support for their growth and stability.