The Musical Summit


June 2, 2021


Tommie “T-Harp” Harper is a jazz, theatrical & R&B artist hailing from the great state of Texas. His

musical stylings range from rousing gospel hymns to grand dramatic ballads, and everything in between.

To his credit, Tommie has shared the stage with some of the greats, such as T.C. Carson in “Ain’t

Misbehavin” and Ben Vereen in “Jesus Christ Superstar. Most recently, he had the privilege of touring

internationally through France, and is now venturing to introduce his solo project in the U.S. His debut

project, “Chapters of Love” features “Let’s Grind”, a song inspired by the book “Me Before We”, written

and produced by Ron Mason. He is also releasing “Your Love”, a sultry track that highlights his smooth

tenor range and romantic lyrical stylings. Tommie is grateful to God for every opportunity to share his

passion for expressing love through lyrics.

Patricia Ghizamboule Robinson was born and raised in Jamaica, Queens NY and attended Lincoln University/Pace University where she received her bachelor’s and master’s degree respectively, Patricia Ghizamboule Robinson is Artist; an Artistic Director, choreographer and teacher. Her artistic focus is grounded in the traditional and cultural arts of Africa, specifically West Africa. As a former dancer and Sabar drummer with several NY premier African dance companies, Ghizamboule has over three decades of performance experience which includes dance, drum and theater arts. She supports the arts in the community be being a member & supporting; Jamaica Arts Leader – QCA, Jamaica Is Arts Alliance, Jamaica Now Leadership Council.

As the Artistic Director of FANIKE! African Dance Troupe, Ghizamboule has had the opportunity to lead the process of bringing her visions to the stage. As the Artistic Director she has established the company in the NYC Arts community. FANIKE! is a teaching company and has hired international Cultural Consultants to expand African Dance Troupe’s repertoire. The company incorporates dance, rhythms, cultural ceremonies/events, costuming, props, staging, set design, song and storytelling to create the unique style of FANIKE! African Dance Troupe and educate the community about African traditional and history. Ghizamboule created and initiated the Cultural Warrior Award in 2012, which is presented annually to members of the community who strive to strengthen and uplift their community and support her motto of the culture continues…


Hailing from New York’s Mount Vernon (hometown of Sean Combs, Sidney

Poitier, Nina Simone and Denzel Washington), he uses his prodigious talent

to raise up the underdog’s perspective. The stories he weaves often take the

 perspective of characters who have a great deal to bring to their worlds, but are too often overlooked, counted-out.

Niko Brim is a rapper, a musician on drums and bass, an activist and a poet. “Right behind music comes community work”, he said. “My instincts pushed me to fight food insecurity, because access to nutritious food is a human right. And possibly because I was raised by five women –five queens– I have a powerful focus on helping single moms, single dads, families. People who may not have the time to step in with their children, creating programs and after school programs to keep children fed and to keep them occupied and out of the streets.”